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Dr. Gene Gamet

Hello! My name is Dr. Gene Gamet, after years of suffering with chronic headaches, asthma and heat/cold intolerance, I also developed excruciating back pain. I did go to see a medical doctor and an orthopedic surgeon and then later on a neurologist. These professionals were of no help to me.

I felt alone and without hope during my late teen years, because I had always been athletic and was searching for what could bring me back to real health and fitness.

My Personal Experience

I met a chiropractor while in college and I immediately could see that the principles they were teaching were what I had been searching for. After several months of intensive care I started to have a favorable change, but I realized that the years without chiropractic care from when I was very young left me aware of the level of my problems. I then realized it would take a very long time and in the beginning I did not know if I would ever get back to where I wanted to be with my health.

After several years of chiropractic care I got within 80% of where I wanted to be and was so excited that I decided to dedicate myself to the pursuit of chiropractic. I graduated with a four year degree in Pre-Med. and then went on to chiropractic school. I was astonished how each year I continued to get better! It took another six years of regular care before my body was able to heal from the inside out and I could truly be me again. I missed so much, but because of my ordeal I can now bring so much to an individual who truly wants to regain their health.

A Chiropractic Education

I began my college experience at Lansing Community College, in the pre-engineering core curriculum. I always did well with structures and mathematics, so this seemed like a logical place to start. I met my first chiropractor while attending this college and this became the time period of my first adjustment. I picked up a two-year degree with an engineering emphasis; however it is here that I decided to follow the medical field. I began classes at Michigan State University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in pre-med and physiology.

My health continued to get better and better and so did my understanding of chiropractic. I then had no choice other than to dedicate myself to teaching and administering chiropractic care. I went to the professional school of Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, where I then graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

I have since been studying the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic. I graduated in 2001, but have been truly studying chiropractic all my life. Life experience is what has brought me to this point.

I have been studying many techniques, and the “Gonstead” technique is my preferred. It stresses neutral position adjusting, which means “NO neck twisting”.

On a Personal Note…

I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors, such as tennis, bicycling and the beach, etc. I exercise daily which normally includes stretching, weight-lifting, and running.

I prefer to be examined and adjusted at least twice a week. If I could have received care as a child, bi-monthly visits would probably have been sufficient. Eating whole foods is great especially organic food if you can get it, but I also have a weakness for chocolate and cake. I believe if you workout regularly than why not occasionally enjoy. Habits create your health, such as regular chiropractic care, eating smart and exercising, good friends and spiritual growth.

I am here for you to come to our Muskegon office and meet to discuss the health concerns of you and your loved ones. Chiropractic has done so much for me, so please consider this for you. I am happy to help answer your questions and take the fear out of something new.

Give our Muskegon chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment today!


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