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Why Muskegon Residents
Love Gamet Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Gamet Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Gene Gamet

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“I was introduced to excellent chiropractic care 61 years ago when I was four years old.”

Chiropractic has never failed to eliminate any structural or muscular pain that traditional medicine would attempt to cover up with medication rather than correct the problem. Chiropractic has sustained my body through years of abuse from work injuries, athletic injuries, multiple auto and motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and the ordinary bending, lifting and twisting incorrectly.
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As with any profession, there are always different skill levels. I was fortunate to have discovered Gene Gamet’s chiropractic practice in 2006 after searching for over six years for the high level of chiropractic care to which I was accustomed. Gene’s skillful chiropractic technique and genuine concern for his patients has been a Godsend. I never fail to take the opportunity to sing Gene’s praises to friends or those suffering pain from spinal misalignment, and of his holistic approach to good health. For those first timers searching for high quality chiropractic care, or those not entirely satisfied with your current chiropractic practitioner. I recommend, with no reservation, Doctor Gene Gamet.

Thank you, Dr. G

“Feel Great”

I have only been seeing Dr. Gamet for a couple weeks and already I’m starting to feel great.
-Katherine F.

“It was the best phone call I have ever made for my children…”

My son, who is 5 years old, had been getting these horrible headaches. He was getting them more and more to the point where it was an almost every day thing. Some days he would cry they hurt so badly and he would get so moody and angry. We had to be very quiet in our house so we wouldn’t hurt his head. I was starting to really worry and a friend of mine recommended I bring him to a chiropractor. I had never been to one myself so I was a little hesitant. The day I had to put earmuffs on my son, the kind you use to block noise like at a monster truck show, I decided I had to help him, something was wrong. Another friend of mine suggested calling Dr. Gamet, she had been a patient of his for years. It was the best phone call I have ever made for my children.
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My son has been headache free since the second visit and is a much happier child. He looks forward to going to see Dr. Gamet, and I now have all my children going. Dr. Gamet took the time to thoroughly examine my children and x-ray as needed. He explains everything,and I have seen first hand the importance to having a healthy spine and dealing with subluxations, which is why I have my other children seeing Dr. Gamet now.

While bringing my son to his scheduled visits, Dr. Gamet expressed concern for me and my spine and recommended I schedule an appointment for myself. I didn’t do it.I was told when I was very young that I had scoliosis and may someday need surgery. I have lived in pain for so long ( I’m 31 years old now) that I am used to dealing with it and just thought that is how my life was going to be. There were nights I had to sleep with my knees under my chest, trying to get some relief because the Ibuprofen didn’t help enough with the pain for me to fall asleep. Sitting down at the dinner table was sometimes too uncomfortable. Dr. Gamet continued to express concern for me, and I still did not make an appointment. Finally, my mother in law came to me very concerned and slightly teary eyed. Our families had been camping together for the weekend so we were spending a lot of time together. She told me she was really worried about my back. Please keep in mind that I don’t ever complain to people or talk about my back because I’m used to dealing with it. She said she didn’t want to hurt my feelings or make me self conscious but I looked terrible! She said she would walk behind me and watch me walk and I looked almost like someone who had been crippled was the best way she could describe it. I was sad to hear that because I take very good care of myself. I exercise regularly, I ‘m in shape, I eat healthy, and always try to take a natural approach to health issues. I took good care of myself and yet I was losing the battle. Years ago I had tried physical therapy for my back but it was an extremely expensive way to waist my time. It didn’t help at all.

After that conversation with my mother in law, the next time we visited Dr. Gamet and he asked if I was ready to make an appointment, I agreed. After the x ray and exam, it was amazing to see him explain why I have pain where and what it effects which gave me additional answers to some of my health questions. When we started treatment it was a rocky road at first and I didn’t know if I could handle it. He was so kind, and encouraging and patient with me, not like some professionals in the health industry who just want to get you in and out. I’m in stage 2 degeneration so he can’t completely fix me,but he can deal with the subluxations as best as he can and keep me from getting worse and ease my pain. I can honestly say I’m about 90% pain free and I hardly ever take pain relievers anymore. I can stand tall and put my shoulders back to the point where my shoulder blades about touch, which I couldn’t do before because of the pain and it felt like something was blocking them from going any further. I haven’t had to sleep lying forward on my knees since seeing Dr. Gamet, and I can sit at the dinner table just fine.

I know because of the damage to my back being irreversible, that I’ll never be totally pain free and there will always be things that might aggravate it. Thanks to Dr. Gamet, we have made HUGE progress in such little time, and I am so grateful. Just a few weeks ago, my friend who recommended Dr. Gamet to me, asked if! could feel a difference since going to him. I told her how wonderful my experience has been and that I have a lot less pain and I just feel better overall. She then told me something she hadn’t before; she demonstrated how I would walk crooked, which I never knew she noticed, and said my upper body is much straighter and more even when I walk now. That made me a little emotional inside because now I feel like I’m finally winning the battle.

Thank You Dr. Gamet… with all of my heart, I thank you …

“For the first time in over EIGHT years something was working!”

I have a favorite picture of myself as a child in my softball team shirt. I have always noticed in this picture that my right leg was positioned differently, turned in slightly, than my left leg. Growing up I was always active riding my bike and playing softball they were absolute favorites. I never had any physical difficulties. I played softball well into my 30’s. I have a son to whom I gave birth when I was 21. I had a normal delivery and everything went fine. I noticed after giving birth that I walked different. I could tell that my right side was in front of my left side. There wasn’t any pain or discomfort. I was fine for 10 years.
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In 2000 I took a new job and I ran a machine that was controlled with a foot pedal. So for a few hours each day over a couple of years my foot was off the ground a few inches and turned slightly to the right, after several months I started having pain in my lower back on the right side, it went through my leg all the way to my ankle. At first I would lay down and after a few hours the pain went away. Eventually the pain became permanent, over several weeks. I went to the doctor who put me on pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. In time I saw a specialist, a pain management doctor. I had a cat-scan, MRI and X-ray of my pelvic area. I was told I had some irritation between the L4 & L5 vertebrae and a slightly bulged disc. I was given several shots in my right buttocks of cortisone to reduce the pain, it didn’t help at all.

I was then sent to physical therapy where the therapist thought I had two separate problems coming from my back and one from my leg. She wasn’t sure how to treat it because certain stretches would help one problem but hinder the other one. She called in a second therapist to evaluate me and together they agreed on the problems but couldn’t solve it. I went back to the doctor. I was given a test where I laid down and the doctor would stick a probe in my groin area in different spots to find which nerve ending was bothering me. It was a painful test & no results were concluded. I was then given an epidural shot in my back by the L4 vertebra area and I had no relief. A month later I was given a shot in the L5 vertebra with no relief. These shots were repeated thinking a second dose would help – no relief.

A few months later I saw a different doctor who took over; I was told the first doctor was let go for lack of experience. There were many patient complaints of painful treatments. My next doctor was very intelligent no comparison to the first, she started the process over with an MRI and CAT scan. The results were the same. I was given another epidural shot in the L4 vertebrae, she knew what she was doing it didn’t hurt like the shot given by the first doctor. But the shot did not help. I was then given one, epidural, in the L4 and L5 vertebra which again didn’t hurt but also did not help. I was then given one in the joint on the right side of my lower back and this one didn’t help either. I was given a couple of shots locally in the doctors office in the same joint on the right side, this helped the first time for about two, 2, weeks, then it was back to the severe pain.

After all the shots I was sent to the physical therapist again. The therapist worked on my leg pain. I had some relief for a few days but that was all He was then replaced with a different therapist who treated my back more. I didn’t really have any relief My doctor then sent me to counseling for depression. I wasn’t depressed just irritated from all the years with no relief I quit going which didn’t make the doctor too happy, but I simply said I am not depressed. Prior to counseling my doctor put me on a low dose of Cymbalta for depression. I have to say it made me feel better simply from all the years that nothing else had worked; it was a bit of a mental boost. I was then asked by my doctor if l was past or presently physically, mentally, or sexually ever abused. I was totally offended, but knew it was just part of the doctor’s routine that they must ask.

Well, by now it was 2011 and I knew I needed to do something different but what? My brother was concerned for me and asked me to try his chiropractor, I was hesitant because I had tried one prior to the pain management doctor. This doctor, previous chiropractor, shed some light on my pain through adjustment, he took the pain away and it shifted to the side of my leg. I thought what good is this, I can’t even sleep on my right side it was too painful. I quit going and the pain on my side continued, along with the original pain. The pain on my side lasted about a year and finally went away. My brother convinced me to go see his chiropractor, GAMET CHIROPRACTIC, he said I will come and get you, two hours away, and pay for a few visits just to see if it helps. I thought I have nothing to loose. In January of 2011 I met Dr. Gene Gamet. He was different than the first chiropractor, he evaluated me, asked me several questions about my pain, before even adjusting me. I was impressed with his thorough exam and knowledge. I knew he was in a language of his own, just as my brother said. Dr. Gamet took X-rays and explained them thoroughly. He introduced me to the “Cox Technic” which was new to me. After just a couple of visits I felt some relief: I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I had a few days that I cut back on my medicine after the treatment, incredible. I was told with several months of treatments and stabilizing inserts I could eliminate most of my pain. I actually had faith that it was going to work, since I had had some relief already!

For the first time in over EIGHT, 8, years something was working, helping, I didn’t want this to end, I had hope I hadn’t felt in years. I have decided to drive two, 2, hours to receive help from Dr. Gamet as opposed to finding someone in my town which has a lot more options because of a bigger town. I have found the answer and my help and road to recovery through Dr. Gene Gamet; which I am deeply grateful.

- Rachel

“Without regular chiropractic care, I know that none of these changes would have been possible.”

Back in April when I first read a newspaper insert about Chiropractic care I thought it was a great idea for my mother with arthritis and back problems. Not knowing anyone personally who was under chiropractic care, I wanted to learn more and attended the beginning information lecture with her. What we learned about the brain, the spine and how subluxation interferes with the functioning of our bodies, made sense to us and my mother made her first appointment. Her first adjustment was gentle and relaxing and not the rough manipulation she was expecting. The adjustments have brought some relief and have increased her flexibility, allowing her to take part in our family activities.
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As a single parent, taking care of myself is important to me and I too began chiropractic care in an effort to ease my migraine headaches, back pain from sitting at a computer all day and high blood pressure. After my second or third visit, I realized that the ringing in my ears I had experienced from a head injury a few years before had stopped completely. The silence was unbelievable. After the first month of treatment, I was taken off my blood pressure medication that I had been taking for almost two years. The migraine headaches that used to occur almost daily for years have only happened once in the last three weeks and with much less intensity and are now very short in duration. I’m more relaxed now, sleep more soundly and I have much more energy.

Shortly after my first visit, I scheduled initial checks for both my teenage daughters. The older of the two, has minor health problems, so her spinal report was no surprise. The younger girl totally caught me off guard. The one person in the family that we thought was the most healthy actually had the most problems. As she was being examined, it was obvious that her hips were not lining up straight and her shoulders were off as well. When she laid on her stomach on the table you could see that her lower spine was in the center but as you moved up her spine it curved off towards her left shoulder. She also had very little curve in her neck. I felt like I was a terrible parent for not seeing this sooner. Kids this age like their privacy and I hadn’t had their spines checked since they started elementary school. It wasn’t long after her first visit that she suffered a trigger point stress injury to her left shoulder from extensive playing at a week long violin clinic. I immediately took her to our family doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers, pain pills and physical therapy. I was told that we could expect a 6-8 week recovery time and that she should only practice 10 to 15 minutes a day to allow the shoulder to heal. All of this was unacceptable to her since she was only a few weeks away from participating in a summer music program. Within a day or two, the pills were causing other health problems so I took her off them and increased her adjustments. She was in much less pain after the first week and three weeks later was performing at an intensive four week summer orchestra program.

Without regular chiropractic care, I know that none of these changes would have been possible.

- Julie

“…Dr. Gene took care of my migraines and what a relief it is not to have migraines everyday.”

I was having migraines everyday and I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. I was in a lot of pain everyday and needed help. I thought chiropractors would just crack you and make you feel better. I now understand that chiropractors treat subluxations (nerve interference) which in turn helps your entire body. You can’t always feel what needs adjusted. Subluxation does not always hurt and that’s why it is called the silent killer.
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One day when I woke up I had a really bad migraine so thought I would just rest and see if it would go away with the help of aspirin. In the afternoon I couldn’t take the migraine anymore so I thought I would just show up at my chiropractor’s office for a treatment.

Well on the way there I stopped at a friend’s house for a few minutes and she was late for her chiropractic appointment because of a flat tire. She went to a different chiropractor than I did. I left her house and continued on to my chiropractor’s office. I waited until it was time for them to open and noticed that they were closed for a few days. I called my other chiropractor’s office and he had left for the day, so I was left with no one to see. My migraine wasn’t getting any better and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open to see to drive. I called my friend and found out who she went to and she told me to call him, so I did. To my relief he was able to get me right in. He took several x-rays and explained all about chiropractic, this really impressed me, I had never had chiropractic explained to me before. He kept looking at my x-rays while he adjusted me. After he adjusted me he told me about a meeting he was doing the next day to educate his patients about chiropractic and he said he would adjust me again after the meeting.

I have never been so well informed about what chiropractic does as I was at his office. I learned that subluxation causes all of our problems. It is like what my grandfather told us years ago. My grandfather use to tell my mom, brothers and I that you should always take care of your car so it will work properly. Subluxation is called the silent killer so it is important to seek professional help.

When I first started going to Dr. Gene he took care of my migraines and what a relief it is not to have migraines everyday. With having arthritis as bad as I do I needed a lot of help and I was getting the help I needed and felt really good for the first time in a long time. After I had been getting adjustments from Dr. Gene for about two months I had decided to go to Arizona for a month. Dr. Gene had asked me to seek chiropractic help while in Arizona to maintain my progress. Well things happened and I was not able to seek the help I needed while in Arizona and this really sent me back. I was back to having migraines everyday along with other aches and pains. I now say I can’t go on vacation or anything without taking my chiropractor with me so I can keep up on my adjustments I need. Since I have been back from Arizona and getting the adjustments I desperately need, I sleep better, have less pain and we are working on aligning my spine. I am far from being pain free but oh what a relief. I can’t be fixed overnight when it took me 42 years to get the way I am. I have a long way to go to improve my overall health but it is all worth the time that Dr. Gene, his office staff and I put in.

- Colleen

“I can’t say enough about chiropractic, it really works.”

Medication was not relieving my pain, so I was searching for help to get more relief to be able to function more than what I was. I thought chiropractic would be painful and hurt after hearing the cracking. It is completely the opposite; it relieves the pressure and pain. What a blessing!
My daughter asked me to go to the chiropractor with her and listen to what he had to say. She told me it wouldn’t cost me a thing to be educated on chiropractic and if I didn’t want to go see him as a patient I didn’t have to, but I should at least go listen for free. She told me he talked about subluxation and I had never heard about this and wanted to know more, so I went. I was so impressed with what I heard that I knew I had to give this chiropractor a chance.
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I had a lot of pain in my back, neck, legs, arms and headaches. So much so that it felt natural to me. I couldn’t even imagine life with no pain after having so much for so long. I am a person who likes to deer hunt, fish and now I am learning to play golf. It now feels good not to have a headache and not feel all the pain that I had. I am not pain free yet but I am working on it. Before chiropractic I had trouble sleeping and now I feel so good and relaxed in the mornings after getting a good nights sleep.

My father use to tell us that your body is like an automobile. You need to maintain and align your auto so it will last you a long time. He said things will only last as long as you take care of them. For someone in his time with only an eighth grade education, he was a very wise man. My parents believed in natural remedies instead of drugs and you can’t get any more natural then chiropractic. I can’t say enough about chiropractic, it really works. Another thing my parents would say is if you don’t want to help yourself then don’t complain; I don’t want to hear it. If you don’t want to feel better then you should stay home. I for one wanted to feel better so I took the chance, listened and couldn’t be happier that I did. I am on the road to recovery.

- Gladys

“For 20 years I lived with a cough…”

For 20 years I lived with a cough that was so bad I cracked my ribs and tore the ligaments on my left side. I have seen so many doctors I can’t remember them all. All of them treated me for asthma. I have been on so many drugs and aerosol inhalers, I can’t remember all of them either. I do remember that I had a bad reaction to all of them. The Mayo Clinic said I acted like an asthmatic but I wasn’t an asthmatic. I tried to tell everyone the problem was in the bottom of my neck, in the throat, but no one listened.
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I came to Dr. Gamet not because of the cough but because my sciatic nerve was hurting big time. I had a few fears, like I thought he would break me in half. It sounds silly but that is what I thought. Dr. Gamet and his staff put my worries to rest right away. After a week of treatment, which is three visits, the cough was gone and the thing in the bottom of my throat was gone too. We are still working on the sciatic nerve but it is really coming along. I may have a ways to go with the back and leg but the cough is gone. You know it may be uncomfortable but getting adjusted definitely works. It makes a lot of sense getting adjusted with what the spine has to do to make your body work right.

Thank you Dr. Gamet,

“…until I started seeing Dr. Gene, I was not fully informed of all the long term benefits of continuous care.”

I first started seeing a chiropractor when I was about 23 for severe lower back pain. At the time, I also had extremely frequent migraine headaches and the adjustments helped control those. I continued with intermittent care for 6 years, going when I had a problem. I can’t say that I had any misconceptions regarding chiropractic care; however, I can say that until I started seeing Dr. Gene in August 2005, that I was not fully informed of all the long term benefits of continuous care. Not only am I an informed person now, I also have experienced these benefits.
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Besides feeling better myself, I would like to share with you my experience with my two sons.

My boys are three and two and they are rough and tough. They wrestle with each other constantly and are forever falling down. Nathan and Andrew have been plagued with colds and ear infections ever since they were babies. Both boys have tubes in their ears because of it. They are actually on their second set of tubes (if you are not familiar with tubes, they only last about a year and then they fall out). Last winter, with their first set of tubes was ok. The boys still had a lot of colds and both had ear infections immediately after the tubes fell out. This year, even though winter is still here, things have been so much better for the three of us. Nathan hasn’t had a cold at all to speak of. Andrew has had starts of colds, but nothing that reared its ugly head and stuck around for weeks. The only thing different in their lifestyle is the weekly visit to see Dr. Gene. They still attend daycare where they are exposed to who knows what. Their dad even had the flu around the start of January and none of us were affected. It is truly amazing what a simple change has made – and they like seeing Dr. Gene which makes it much easier for me. I am hoping that come April or May when this set of tubes fall out that my husband and I won’t have to put our boys through another surgery.


“…the pain in my low back, neck and shoulders has significantly been reduced.”

I have a history of spinal arthritis in my neck and low back. In August of 2004, I experienced a pinched nerve in my neck. Chiropractic was the only relief I received. After that point I felt it was important to save the mobility of my spine with exercise and chiropractic care. I was receiving chiropractic care but it was on an “as needed” basis. I found I needed it nearly every day. I switched to Dr. Gamet by referral from a relative who had good success. Since October, the pain in my low back, neck and shoulders has significantly been reduced. Previously, I had kept a pain chart. Now I don’t even bother. I sit more upright and have better flexibility.


“He has brought great relief and function back to my ailing bones.”

I was unable to function normally. My lower back and hips were in great pain and nothing helped. I visited a chiropractor in N.Y. where I lived and he brought great relief and function back to me. Earlier this year I had a very similar issue with my back and hips and found Dr. Gamet who practiced the same method as the doctor in N.Y. He too, has brought great relief and function back to my ailing bones.


“I know chiropractic is the best choice for me.”

I have been living with pain for most of my life. When I was fourteen years old I started having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable. My mother brought me to our family doctor and he prescribed pain pills. For a fourteen year old, can you imagine? About two years later we tried chiropractic where I was x-rayed and diagnosed with a 36 degree right thoracic-left lumbar scoliosis. In other words an “S” curve. I can tell you that through out my life it has been a challenge to live without pain. I realized I was getting worse with every passing year. I wondered how I was going to grow old when I felt so bad at forty-five years old. My lower back felt fused in the most painful position and my left shoulder had a pinch that would not go away no matter what I did. Gravity is not kind to people with scoliosis. It was limiting my ability to function normally.…read more

When I came to Dr. Gamet’s office I didn’t have a lot of hope. I didn’t know if he would even want to help me. Maybe he would see me as a liability and be afraid to try. I can’t believe it now but I actually had these thoughts. Thankfully he took my case. Within the first week my shoulder pinch was gone and hasn’t returned. My lower back is so much better that I feel like I live as normal as any forty-five year old. Dr. Gamet has given my life back to me and I thank God for him. Not only does he help me manage the pain (better than any pain medication ever could) but my overall health is better. My digestion is better, my whole attitude is better. I know I will always need pain management to live fully. I also know chiropractic is the best choice for me.


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