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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy

Non-Invasive Therapy

Nerve ConnectionsIf you haven’t experienced the PEMF system at Gamet Family Chiropractic, we want to introduce you this non-invasive therapy that we have seen work for the entire body–from head-to-toe. PEMF is pulsing magnetic fields that optimize your body’s self-healing and self-regulating functions. It’s one of the most broadly useful and effective technologies I’ve ever used. You need to experience it to understand what it can do for your pains…old and new.

Contact us today to set up your first session. Come hydrated and ready to sit in a comfortable rocker for 60 minutes and feel the change. The basic functional unit of all living organisms is the cell. A healthy cell is teeming with the energy necessary to perform the vital processes that occur thousands of times a second.


When cells are injured and stressed, they lose energy, they become less and less functional—and this is when they need it the most. As a result, the natural self-healing and self-regulating abilities of the body are compromised.

PEMF —pulsing electromagnetic fields—are an outside energy source that can stimulate cellular energy with PEMF energy rather than through chemistry. It has been shown to be an effective and efficient way of supporting our natural abilities to heal.

A simple analogy of using an outside energy source to recharge a system depleted of energy would be a car battery. That’s what those jumper cables are for! Once the weakened battery has been charged by a working battery, you can disconnect the cables and it will work! For how long, of course, depends on the age and condition of the battery.

The benefits of PEMF are cumulative. We’ll set a course of sessions and see how much improvement you make. You may not need anymore, you may want more. Ready to get started? Give us a call.


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